CROSSING THE LINES will be performed on the 7th of October at the International Center of Bethlehem

The artistic director and choreographer of Tanzmoto Dance Company, Mohan C. Thomas, was invited to choreograph the stage play "Das Achte Leben", a novel of Haratischwili. The premiere will be on 8th September 2018, directed by theatre director Bettina Bruinier at Alte Feuerfach in Saarbrücken.

Read more about the stage play "Das Achte Leben"  here

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Themes: Summerbreak of our studio | Depature to new projects
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Falling Spaces in Kettwig

In September 2018 the buildings of Scheidtsche Hallen in Essen Kettwig will be transformed into a place where special things happen. "Falling Spaces" is the title of an art series ballet and art, that evolved from a cooperation between Galerie Schmidt und Schütte and Tanzmoto Dance Company. 

The artist Evangelos Papadopoulos will create a big installation in the lisseuse, where dancers will meet. Next to the performances of the dancers, other artists of the galery will create and show their work with the topic "Falling Spaces" . 

Here in Berlin to see the amazing tanzmoto dance company in their production of Crossing the Lines. Saw two performances and was totally bowled over. The dancers are extraordinary, Maria Lucia Agon Ramirez took my breathe away with her performance of Isobel Gowdie. Strong, committed and passionate, she fires lightning bolts through you. She isn’t dancing a role, for the full 25 mins or so she IS Gowdie and it is an immense privilege to witness. I am rarely moved by a dancer to this degree. How I would love to see this performance come to Ireland. The whole cast are wonderful.