Tanzmoto e.V.

Tanzmoto e.V.

TANZMOTO e.V. was founded in 2005 to support the company and its objectives. The association, registered in Essen, aims at promoting the performing arts, with a special focus on contemporary dance, in North Rhine-Westphalia by supporting the artistic and educational work of the TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY.

On the one hand, TANZMOTO e.V. supports the development and performance of the company’s dance theatre productions in collaboration with foundations, art and cultural organisations as well as local and regional cultural authorities by taking on responsibility for organisational and administrative issues as well as the financial management.

On the other hand, TANZMOTO e.V. promotes cultural and educational integration by organising regional, national and international dance projects with children, teenagers and adult amateur dancers. TANZMOTO e.V. is responsible for the conception and organisation of projects, one-off events and tours. The project work of the MOVING SCHOOL with schools and other institutions is of significant importance.

In addition, TANZMOTO e.V. manages the funds allocated for the company’s dance projects. All contracts with organisations, dancers and other people or institutions involved in the productions are handled by the association. The managing committee, whose members have many years of project and financial management experience, exchanges information with the company’s director on current activities at least once a month. The financial management of the association is audited once a year by independent experts.

The association has non-profit status and was approved according to § 75 SGB VIII as a private youth help organisation in 2011 by the youth welfare office of Essen.