AkzepTanz Company

AkzepTanz Company

In autumn 2006, the dance project “Per Elefant zum Mars”, created under the direction of the well-known British choreographer Royston Maldoom, was received very well in the city of Marl. Many pupils and some adults became interested in dance. To meet that demand, the city of Marl and the TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY founded a dance company for amateurs aged between 6 and 99 years. This company has already performed several productions, for instance, “A-Z AkzepTanz” in the theatre of Marl on the occasion of the “Local-Heroes-Woche 2010”.

Under the direction of Mohan C. Thomas, the “AkzepTanz Company” creates new choreographies for three age groups. In addition to its own productions, the whole group makes excursions, visits performances etc. Newcomers are always welcome!


Group I: 6 to 11 years

Group II: 12 to 20 years

Group III: 30+ years