Anushaant Wijayakulasingam

Anushaant Wijayakulasingam


I have started with the wonderful south-indian drum  Mridangam at the age of 7.  Under the guidance and blesses of our God and Guru S. Piranavanathan, i did my Arangetram with my brother Nagushaanth Nayinai Wijayan in 2005.

Finishing the Diploma in Mridangam in 2006, we have started to give Mridangam classes in our Association: Tamilischer Kultur- und Wohlfahrtsverein Essen e.V. After more than 17 years of experience, i am proud that two of my Students already did  their Arangetram in 2008 and 2015 with great success.

My brother and me are still working hard to share our knowledge about Miruthangam and Thabla to guide, support and educate the next generation, as well as to adhere to our culture and language through music!

 Furthermore i am taking advanced classes in India from my Gurus N. Ramakrishnan and A.S. Yogarajah Ramanathan from Sri Lanka. To understand our Music in a deeper way, i have learned Violine, Veenai, Sangeetham and Bharatham for some years. 

In addition i was trained by Ustad Same Rafi in Thabla for many years. 

I do accompany Concerts, Arangetrams, Aatruhais and other events and play for several Tamil Bands and a Classical Fusion Band called "SaRiGa - Indian Classical Music". 

I am really thankful to Madha, Pidha, Guru and Dheivam to have learned such unique instruments and sharing this knowledge. 

Music is an ocean, therefore a musician never say that he is finished! So, i am a student as well, still learning....  ;-) 

My Gurus: S. Piranavanathan, N. Ramakrishnan , A.S. Yogarajah Ramanathan