Feedbacks Crossing The Lines on tour

Feedbacks Crossing The Lines on tour

Here in Berlin to see the amazing tanzmoto dance company in their production of Crossing the Lines. Saw two performances and was totally bowled over. The dancers are extraordinary, Maria Lucia Agon Ramirez took my breathe away with her performance of Isobel Gowdie. Strong, committed and passionate, she fires lightning bolts through you. She isn’t dancing a role, for the full 25 mins or so she IS Gowdie and it is an immense privilege to witness. I am rarely moved by a dancer to this degree. How I would love to see this performance come to Ireland. The whole cast are wonderful. Come on promoters and funders, this work NEEDS and DESERVES to be seen. 
Mags Byrne, Ireland 

What an amazing performance of Tanzmoto in Berlin (Radialsystem V) last weekend! Full of power! The best combination of professionalism and emotional dedication. The dancers are so authentically performing their pieces that it catches the audience fully. Thanks for this wonderful evening! This company deserves the good stages of our times... 
Werner Binnenstein-Bachstein, Vienna, Austria 

This evening reveals that different dance styles can tell various stories about inner conflicts and social conditions. Little signs are used as symbols for abstract situations. The audience shows their thankfulness and solidarity with a big applause.
TAZ, Berlin


The big audience in the theater of Duisburg is amazed…


TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY and the Duisburger Philharmoniker impress. The dance company from Essen-Kettwig shows 5 pieces of Royston Maldoom’s work of the last 40 years. The artistic director of the company Mohan C. Thomas and the 12 dancers are celebrated for their performance – also because they managed to add a personal and likable touch to the whole evening.
Rheinische Post

The performances were a pleasure for both eyes and ears – the dancers showed their passion and vitality with every movement.

 Lippisches Kultur-Journal

Scary and at the same time fascinating scenes were shown on stage. The audience thanked with standing ovations.
Marler Zeitung

The dancers fascinated with Modern Dance, classical Ballett, magical body language and acrobatic dances. Over 1000 people came to watch the dance theatre performance and were amazed by the great atmosphere of the evening.
Emsdettener Volksanzeiger

I had the chance to watch TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY performing “Crossing The Lines”, a fascinating evening with five choreographies of Royston Maldoom, Five very different choreographies which caught my interest to look further into the work of Royston Maldoom. Til then, I only knew him for his dance projects with Simon Rattle.
Dieter Hartwig, TANZNETZ

It was a wonderful dance evening in Berlin! Thank you to Mohan C. Thomas, head of the company and to the choreographer Royston Maldoom, who celebrated his birthday today.
Marlene Heubach Essen, Germany 

In my opinion, the dancers showed a maximum of strength, flexibility, precision and energy that impressed me a lot.
Melanie Mauerer, Duisburg, Germany

 A great evening.
Gerd Schütte, Cologne

Thank you, it was wonderful! A joy to watch you at this versatile performance… Congratulations!
Caroline Lautz, Leverkusen, Germany