Mu-Yi Kuo

Mu-Yi Kuo


Mu-Yi Kuo is a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer. She holds degrees in dance from the Chinese Culture University in Taipei, Taiwan and the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, Germany.

She has performed internationally with numerous artists and ensembles including Legend Lin Dance Theater, Folkwang Tanz Studio, Henrietta Horn, Rodolpho Leoni, Michèle Anne de Mey, Thierry de Mey, En-May An, Stephanie Thiersch, Anna Konjetzky, and the Wuppertal Tanz Theater of Pina Bausch.

She is a frequent guest teacher at PACT Zollverein and Tanzhaus NRW, and is codirector of the dance company Kuozo. Since September 2013 she is training TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY in the new Studio Space 

Class concept

In order to come together we must first have a starting point and a common goal. As it is, we already have much in common: our bodies have weight and share the same gravity. In my class, I will start by exploring ways to bring our bodies into motion by working with weight and gravity as opposed to working against it.

As our bodies change everyday, so do our thoughts. Change can both happen and be made to happen. Change can be a powerfully motivating force for the discovery and exploration of previously unknown possibilities that lie within each of us.

When we dance, our bodies, minds and emotions function as a triangle, forming a unified, organic whole. In my class I will use music to create an atmosphere that will encourage change in the flow of energy through this triangle, gently guiding your muscles and stimulating the impulses behind their actions: the imagination. Static words, however, cannot inspire like the natural vibrations of sound, so let's dance!