Elena Aldi

Elena Aldi

Dancer & Docent

Elena Aldi was born in Mantova (Italy) and studied ballet, comtemporary and modern dance in a professional centre close to Mantova with Marcella Volcan, Luigi Celani and Daniela Borghini.

After graduation she started travelling to perfect her technique in Italy (Rome) with Roberta Fontana, and in France (Paris) where she studied with Wayne Byars, Corinne Lanselle, Dominique Lesdema, Carl Portal and Bruno Collinet.

As a dancer she worked with “Corpocorrente” (Mantova-Italy), a modern/contemporary dance company, “Aleph” (Rome-Italy), a contemporary/dance-theatre company and the choreographer Jamie Thomson (Nottingham-England). She performed in Amsterdam with “Gretchen Garnett&Dancers” at the Theater Perdu.

She taught ballet and modern dance at the Amsterdam Dance Center. Since 2013 she is working with TANZMOTO DANCE COMPANY as a dancer and dance teacher.